KISSlicer author Jonathan Drummer is back - talks about Version 1.4.x, 1.5

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If you're a fan of KISSlicer, there is a great bit of news!  Jonathan Drummer, the author of the great slicer software has re-emerged from a long period of being effectively MIA from his user-base, and has promised that he's continuing to work on the product.

You can see his posting here (membership required) or see the text of the message at the bottom of this post.

KISSlicer is, in my opinion, a great tool for high quality 3D printing, and I would have recommended it to everyone during the past year if it wasn't for the author disappearing without explanation.  Now that he's back, and he is assuring people that he is still working on the product, I suggest people take a look at his slicer again.

Of course, in the time that he has been gone, Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D, and MakerWare (and surely other slicers that I don't know of off hand) have come a long way to improving their functionality and the quality of their prints.  The only slicer that has been relatively static is the old gold standard, SkeinForge, which due to its design and speed has been mostly relegated to very special use cases.


Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 09:36:31 -0700 (PDT)

From: "lonesock (Jonathan)"



Subject: KISSlicer 1.5 preview (and I'm not dead!)

Hi, everybody!

As you know, I have been offline due to some life-craziness for an extended period. The craziness is slowly receding, and I want to just say a huge 'Thank You!' to everyone here for your care and concern, and for helping each other out while I was away. I also apologize for my lack of response to emails and such.

I do not have a great deal of time yet, so my plan for the short-term is to link to this forum from the KISSlicer website. I am spending what time I do have on continued KISSlicer development, and the current result is attached to this post:

KISSlicer 1.4.x is the pre-release of the upcoming 1.5 version, and features: Multiple-material objects KISSlicer now supports 4 extruders If you have a multi-extruder machine (and a PRO key), you can now (hopefully) print a single object with multiple materials! Selecting multiple files in the [Open] dialog will import them all as a single model sub-meshes in a single STL file will also be recognized clicking on the model tile will bring up the Extruder Mapping Window (do this before slicing!) you can now set an X & Y offset for extruders 2-4. I do not have a multi-head machine, so I can't test this yet! Improved translation support there had been multiple controls where the translation did not get applied there is still more to do here, notably the other windows Some bug fixes various Some new bugs added with multi-material objects, the loops and infill paths sometime don't print in the right order already-sliced objects don't get 'reset' when you change the number of extruders in the machine, or the default model extruder You can work around this by updating the extruder mapping window...even to the same values other unknown bugs...this build is heavily untested, so please go easy on it and me! [8) This post should have the Win32 build attached. I will try to get some other versions out in a while, hopefully after some feedback so I'm not just compiling cross-platform versions of show-stopping bugs. [8)

I also plan to make a discounted PayPal Buy Now button to post on this thread, as a thank you, and to open the field to people testing the pre-release builds.

thanks, Jonathan
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