Some initial scans with the MatterForm scanner (beta)

April 23, 2014 - Comments - 0 comments

Here are some screenshots showing the early results of the MatterForm 3D scanner which we unboxed last week.  The software is still in beta, has some quirks and bugs, and there are definitely some usability/UI issues that we (beta testers) are reporting to the MF team.

The guys have been very good at responding to our reports -- so treat this more as a "sneak peak" at the potential of the product.


 BTW, I should explain the can of foot powder spray -- it's used to "dust" reflective objects so that the laser line would indicate the actual geometry of the part.  You can see the talc-covered thingamajig (a Kikkerland Sparklz, to be exact) - which would not scan so well without the dust.

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