Extruder Cleaning Filament by Prototype Supply, 100g

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Extruder cleaning filament is a purging compound for plastic extrusion systems offered in a convenient form for 3D printer operators.

The purging compound operates at a wider temperature range to help remove any remaining plastic and contaminants when switching from one plastic to the next. The purging compound sticks to plastics and contaminants to mechanically remove residues from the hot end.

How to Use:

  1. Set extruder temperature to match filament in use.
  2. Pre-purge the extruder with natural colored filament (matching the filament type currently in use) to initially flush the extruder of color and contaminants.
  3. Unload the filament.
  4. Slowly feed the cleaning filament into the hot-end. Use a series of stop-and-go motions to the feed the material. Allow the purging compound to dwell for some time in the hot-end before extruding it out the nozzle. The extrusion from the nozzle may be discolored and feel rough from carrying contaminants.
  5. When the extrusion is clear and smooth, cool down the extruder.
  6. When starting with new filament, set extruder temperature appropriate to the new filament. Feed the new filament to purge the cleaning compound from the hot-end.

This filament is packed in 100g vacuum sealed packages, with desiccant. It is available in both 1.75mm size and 3.00mm size.

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