Guest Filament Review - colorFabb XT Pink

Guest Filament Review - colorFabb XT Pink

February 1, 2016 - Comments - 0 comments

colorFabb XT Pink Kirby with Penny for reference

This review of ColorFabb XT Pink was written by a local high school student, Jordan, who has been interning for ToyBuilder Labs.

ColorFabb XT PETG Pink is a great filament and is perfect for bridging and closing large gaps. The PETG filament is designed to specialize in bridging, meaning that there is no drooping or strands of plastic hanging from the layer you closed.

Although it is a great filament for bridging, this filament is not for beginners in the 3D printing world, unless you are willing to play around with the settings of your printer.   I would say that this is a good challenge for amateurs to try out and experiment with.

Also, this filament is not exactly 1.7500mm, according to my measurements, it actually ranges between 1.7000 to 1.8000mm thick. The extrusion multiplier might also need to be adjusted depending on the printer (mine is at 0.87). The melting point is around 210ºC, but the printing temperature ranges from 225-265ºC (it varies for each printer).

A heated bed is advisable for this filament, unless you are willing to find the perfect settings to make it stick, which will take a while.  The temperature for the heated bed should be at a minimum of 70ºC. My ideal printing temperature is 240ºC and my bed temperature is 75ºC. You can try to go to a higher bed temperature, but with tape it can melt the residue of the tape onto the plate. The tape will come off fine, but the residue will be on the bed, and it is extremely difficult to get off. 

colorFabb XT Pink is much more flexible than PLA. Overall, I give the filament a 9/10.



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