VPro 3D Printer Bundle - A Better FlashForge!

$ 1,499.00

The VPro - A Better FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

We have taken a proven and reliable workhorse, the New for 2016 FlashForge Creator Pro and upgraded it with the best available options.
The V-Pro combines key upgrades that raise throughput, increase the machines capabilities, and improves reliability. We have made these machines more suitable for heavy-duty production-level use and ready for your school, business, makerspace, or workshop.
With these features installed, the V-Pro is ready to run:


1. Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Upgrade Kit (on both hot-ends) 

  • This modification eliminates the limitations of the Creator Pro's stock PTFE-based design. In addition, they provide improved thermal performance, maintain better melt characteristics for faster prints and reduce stringing and oozing. Maximum operating temperature is no longer limited by the PTFE-tube thus allowing the use of nylon, polycarbonate, and other high-temperature filament.

2. Tunell Filament Monitor Dual

  • Relieves "range anxiety", by detecting filament feeding issues. You can start printing with partial-spools and not worry that you might run out of filament mid-print. Avoids "air printing" failures from knotted-up spools, hot-end jams, over/under-sized filament, etcetra, by automatically pausing print jobs when it detects filament feeding issues.

    3. ToyBuilder Labs 3D Print Removal Tool - 3 pack

    • These tools are a perfect combination of stiffness, flexibility, and thinness to get under almost any 3D print and get it up off the build surface.

    4. Upgraded Spool Holders

    • Designed and 3D printed by ToyBuilder Labs, these two spool holders a more versatile than the stock units.

    5. 8 spools of Prototype Supply ProSpec Ultra Precision 3D Printer Filament

    • Included with your VPro 3D Printer are 8 spools of Prototype Supply ProSpec Ultra Precision 3D Printer Filament. 5 spools of PLA (Black, White, Blue, Red and Green) and 3 spools of ABS (Black, White and Gun Metal Grey). A perfect all-purpose starter pack.
    So why the V-Pro vs. a regular Creator Pro?
    ToyBuilder Labs installs all of the upgrades for you. All of these components, along with the entire machine, are thoroughly tested and verified for proper operation. The hours of installation and upgrading are done for you.  Your printer will come to you directly from our testing lab where we will ensure that your printer is ready to run. We will perform a test print with our Prototype Supply ProSpec ABS filament and include the print in the box with your printer. All the guesswork gone, just plug-n-play.
    The large pack of Prototype Supply ProSpec Ultra Precision filament included in this bundle is of the highest quality and is produced in Los Angeles. This "best in class" filament is ideal for the VPro . If you have problems with any of the filament you purchase from ToyBuilder Labs our generous return policy should cover you.
    As bonus for those in (or visiting) Southern California, Vocademy - The Makerspace is offering you a FREE 4-hour Introduction to 3D printing class, using the VPro machine. This class will cover all of the ins and outs of the VPro and get you started right!
    If you are purchasing the VPro for your school, the bundled filament will keep you printing for a while without a need to get a new PO, thereby saving you time and effort. We also offer larger bundles of included filament to make purchasing even easier.


    Simplify3D - Slicing software (optional)

    We recommend Simplify3D 3D printing slicing software. Simplify 3D allows you to use one piece of software to import, manipulate, repair, slice, preview and start printing your 3D models. Vocademy teaches 3D printing using Simplify3D and we are happy to be able to sell this software to you for use with your VPro. To add the Simplify3D software choose one of the bundles with Simplify3D included. The software is an electronic download. After your purchase, you will receive an email containing the link to your personal Simplify3D cloud account. Create your account, download the software, and start creating better prints! (The software is cross platform and can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux systems.)

    Backside of the Upgraded VPro


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