High Lubricity Wear Resistant Nozzle Upgrades by Prototype Supply (Made in the USA)

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Nozzle Upgrades for MK8, MK10, Zortrax M200, Up Plus 2, Afinia H479 and Afinia H480

These premium nozzles offer low friction and improved hardness to improve reliability and reduce down-time when printing with highly-abrasive filaments. They are available in MK8 and MK10 styles, in both 0.4mm and 0.6mm sizes.

Starting with precision-turned 360 Brass alloy bases machined on a Swiss-style lathe, these upgrade nozzles are hard-coated with a specially formulated electroless nickel plating composite process. This coating forms a very hard and abrasion resistant surface with high lubricity (very low friction), improves plastic flow, and reduces the likelihood of clogging. In addition to the standard hole size (0.4 mm), we also carry nozzles with a wide hole size (0.6 mm) for even better flow and clog resistance.

Unlike solid stainless steel nozzles, these coated nozzles retain most of the excellent thermal properties that come from using brass.

We highly-recommend these nozzles when printing with "filled" filament which are often abrasive (ones that are filled with metal, carbon-fiber, or glow-in-the-dark aluminate compounds) or when printing with "fiber filled" filament that is more prone to clogging (filled with wood-fiber, PVA):

The nozzles are Strongly Recommended for when printing with the following products: colorFabb bronzeFill, colorFabb XT CF-20, colorFabb woodFill, colorFabb bambooFill, Glow-in-the-Dark PLA and ABS, GMASS high-density, Proto-Pasta Magnetic Iron, Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel, Proto-Pasta Carbon-Fiber, Proto-Pasta PC-ABS AlloyPVA.

Important Note on Nozzle Style Compatibility

The MK8 type nozzles are compatible replacements for use on MK8 and MK7 type hot-ends with a M6-threaded heater block (the hotends for MakerBot Replicator 2, 2X, and 1).

The MK10 type nozzles are compatible replacements for use on MK10 type hot-ends with a M7-threaded heater block (the hotends most likely used on FlashForge Creator, Creator Pro and Creator X, WanHao Duplicator 4S and Duplicator I3 , and other similar "Replicator clones"; FlashForge Dreamer and Dremel 3D Idea Builder). NOT COMPATIBLE with Wanhao 5s Mini 3D printer.

The nozzle upgrade for the Zortrax M200 with a 0.4mm nozzle diameter and M6x1 threads is fully compatible and can be swapped in as a direct replacement for the stock Zortrax nozzle.  

The nozzle upgrade for the Zortrax M200 / Up Plus is also compatible with the Afinia H479 and Afinia H480 and the Up Plus, Up Plus 2 and Up Mini.

Important Note on Nozzle Hole Size

The 0.6 mm wide hole size will lessen the likelihood of clogging, and will allow increased flow rates for faster printing. However, you will need to update your slicing software to reflect the non-standard extrusion width. The 0.4mm nozzle hole size is the "standard" hole size expected by most slicing software.

In case you are not sure whether your printers takes an MK8 nozzle or an MK10 nozzle we have a video to help you figure it out!

And last but not least a guide to how to replace your 3D Printer Nozzles.


Made in the USA.

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