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Taj and Joseph Chiu of Toy Builder Labs

ToyBuilder Labs sells 3D printer filament of many popular varieties in a wide range of colors.

We're a family company, run by married tech-nerds Taj and Joseph Chiu. Our personal touch is our greatest asset. Like the filament that is our business, we started modestly and have become something remarkable. Let our expertise guide you to do the same.

No matter your experience level with 3D printing, we’re here to help.  Need a large order for your university? A single roll for a pet project? Are you an old hand at 3D printing looking for a reliable source of filament, or are you a newbie and need to learn the basics?  ToyBuilder Labs offers a comfortable and informative customer experience for everyone.

Our name comes from the spirit of fun and inventiveness behind the 3D printing community.  We aim to extend that spirit to you, our loyal customers, in all we do.  Based in lovely Pasadena, California, we ship anywhere in the world.  We are here to help you bring your ideas to life. Please let us know how we can help you.


  • Toys = Fun

    Let's be honest -- toys are a heck of a lot of fun! Life is so much better when you can have some fun!
  • Toys = Learning

    Besides being fun, toys teach. From physics and mechanics, to game theory and economics, the world of play is a great place to learn.
  • Toys = Technology

    When you look closely at toys, you find plenty of wonderful technology. Even the simplest of toys can sometimes have the most sophisticated technology!

Are you ready to order? Or do you do you have a questions about our products? Maybe you are an educational institution and would like find out more about our discounts! What ever your concern, we are ready to listen and help! Here is how...


626 808 4010 M - F 9am - 7pm PST Lab Time:


ToyBuilder Labs 1848 E Walnut Street Pasadena, CA 91107


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