Clear Out The Turkeys!

November 28, 2014 - Comments - 0 comments

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving feast with family and friends!

We would like to give thanks for our great customers and for your continued business!

We are having our annual “Turkey Sale” on Clearance filament.  This is a great time to stock up on colors that are missing from your palette!   Prices start at $15, and quantities are very limited.

Speaking of palette, be sure to pick up our popular “3D Print Removal Tool” (aka painter’s palette knife) - it’s a great tool for removing prints from the printer, and for evenly leveling the print bed.  Use discount code “FREEPRT” to get one, free!

Or, take 15% off our highly-acclaimed and popular PLA and ABS filament with discount code “THANKS2014”.

For our more adventurous customers, be sure to check out our new high-quality TPU flexible and elastic polyurethane filament.  It is a great material for designs that can benefit from its rubber-like qualities.  All of our Specialty filaments (TPU, conductive ABS, water-dissolvable PVA, and dissolvable/breakable HIPS supports filaments) are 20% off their regular price, no discount code required.

These sale prices and discount codes are available through Monday, December 1.

We’re also having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on the Up Plus 2 and the Up Mini printers. These printers are great printers for beginners, and are also great printers for the classroom and professional users that want a no-hassle printing experience.  The Up Plus 2 is available for $949 ($1,299 regular).  The Up Mini is $429 ($599 regular).

For those customers looking for a large print volume, be sure to check out the FusionTech ideaPrinter F100 and the F100L.  The F100L offers an amazing 12” x 8” x 22.5” build volume - that’s 4” taller than the MakerBot z18, at a much lower price!

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