A great overview on 3D printing

June 4, 2014 - Comments - 0 comments

This video for Cideas, a service bureau that provides high-end 3D printing and finishing services, is a great overview of the most popular 3D printing technologies available in the commercial/industrial sector today.

They do a great job of showing you the steps involved in going from a 3D model to a finished product.  It took 6 weeks to go from start to finish on this model of a 1927 Miller 91 race car.

While all the pieces were 3D printed, there's a lot more involved than just running a single print job and pulling the part out of the printer!  It's also worth noting that FDM/FFF was used mostly on the mechanical parts where strength mattered, while SLA is used where part features mattered the most.  

FDM is the method that most personal/desktop 3D printers (MakerBot, Up/Afinia) uses. SLA or a similar DLP-based method (Form1, B9Creator) makes up the much smaller remainder of the personal/desktop 3D printers.  SLS and Polyjet technology is pretty still limited to high-end machines.

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