Rendering of the New Matter MOD-t.

The New Matter MOD-t

May 8, 2014 - Comments - 0 comments

Our friends New Matter has been quietly working on a new 3D printer for the masses.  I have had a number of chats with Bill Gross and Steve Schell about what it takes to make a great 3D printer and a great printing experience.  I think they've got the right approaches to pull this off.  If you study their product renderings carefully, you might be able to tease out what some of those are!

I've spent a couple afternoons playing with their early prototypes, including the lab-bench version of the MOD-t, and have been impressed with their approaches to optimize the design to make it an affordable consumer product.  They have not yet announced their pricing, but based on my discussions with them, they are definitely working to price this for the consumer market. 

They just announced their plan to launch their MOD-t 3D printer on a crowd-funding site in a few weeks.  (UPDATE: it's not Kickstarter as I originally wrote.)  For folks interested in the MOD-t, you can sign up for their newsletter and get a leg up on the Early Bird rewards for a limited number of discounted printers.

* Disclaimer: while they are our friends, New Matter are also our customers.

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