Enhanced Performance Upgrade Kit for FlashForge Creator Pro

$ 175.50

Enhance your FlashForge Creator Pro for higher throughput

Our Enhanced Performance Upgrade Kit for Flash Forge Creator Pro combines key upgrades that improves the Creator Pro's throughput and reliability, making it more suitable for heavy-duty production-level use.

The Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend Upgrade Kit eliminates the limitations of the Creator Pro's stock PTFE-based design:

  • Improved thermal performance maintains a better melt characteristic for faster prints and reduced stringing and oozing.
  • Maximum operating temperature is no longer limited by the PTFE-tube thus allowing the use of nylon, polycarbonate, and other high-temperature filament.

The Tunell Filament Monitor Dual detect filament feeding issues:

  • Relieves "range anxiety", so that you can start printing with a partial-spools that might run out of filament mid-print.
  • Avoids "air printing" failures from knotted-up spools, hot-end jams, over/under-sized filament, et cetra, by automatically pausing print jobs when it detects filament feeding issues.

Ordering Details

Self-Installed Enhanced Performance Upgrade Kit

The Enhanced Performance Upgrade Kit is a customer-installed set of upgrades compatible with all FlashForge Creator Pro models (2015 FFC-PRO and 2016 FFC-NPRO). The kit contains the following:

  • Two (2) Micro Swiss All Metal Hotend MK10 Upgrade Kit
  • Tunell Filament Monitor Dual (Version 4)
  • Installation accessories
  • Installation guide



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