UP mini 2 Back-to-School Special Bundle


Buy the UP mini 2 Back-to-School Bundle

The UP mini 2 is here!

A favorite of educators and designers, the original UP mini is loved for its ease of use, great print quality, quiet operation, and its compact size.

The next generation UP mini 2 packs a bevy of new features to make the mini even better!


UP mini 2 Key Features

Touch screen control makes it easier to set up and operate the mini 2.
Wireless connection via WiFi enables remote control of the mini 2.
HEPA air filtration reduces emissions during printing.
Built-in carrying handle makes the mini 2 more portable than ever.
Attractive and modern design so you can be proud of your mini 2.
External spool holder keeps dust away and even has an accessory tray.
Easy setup with automatic nozzle height detection and software assisted leveling.
Finer quality output with with layers now as thin as 0.15 mm.
On-board storage keeps the mini 2 printing by itself.
UP Software runs under Windows and MacOS.
Manufactured by Tiertime, with a proven track record of making quality printers.
One (1) Year Factory Warranty gives you a peace of mind about your machine.

The UP mini 2 Back-to-School Bundle includes:

This bundle makes a terrific gift for engineering and design students. The printer is portable and quiet, making it perfect for use in the dorm and for taking it out to work on projects with friends.

The mini 2 is easy to use - just drop in the print head, load the plastic filament, and you're ready to go! Unlike kit printers that can take days to assembly and set up, you can be printing in 30 minutes!


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