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High-quality PVA plastic filament (0.5kg / 1.1lbs)

PVA is a water-soluble polymer with a much lower melting point and glass transition temperature. PVA works well as a support material when printing parts with long bridge spans when the spans attach to existing structures.  PVA will also help with overhangs  but due to its low melting point, the object being printed will melt the PVA and will have reduced adhesion.

Place the print in warm to dissolve the PVA.  For faster results, manually remove any PVA supports that you can easily remove, use warm water, and agitate the water regularly.

CAUTION: Prototype Supply PVA filament will degrade quickly at the higher temperatures normally used with ABS.  Leaving the PVA in the extruder for an extended period of time will clog the hot end.

When loading PVA into an extruder that was previously loaded with ABS, use PLA to purge the ABS out of the hot end before lowering the temperature to load the PVA

Alternatively, use our extruder cleaning filament to purge the extruder before and after using PVA.

  • Specs

  • Full name:PolyVinyl Alcohol
  • Recommended solvent:Cold or Warm water
  • Made with:Petrochemicals
  • Glass temperature (Tg):37 C
  • Recommended extruder temperature (varies by printer):160-180 C
  • Shrinkage when cooling to room temperature:Very low
  • Recommended heated bed temperature (varies by printer):Unheated
  • Shrinkage when cooling to elevated ambient temperature: Very low
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