Prototype Supply Conductive Plastic Filament, 0.5kg

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High quality Conductive plastic filament (0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs.)

Recommend print temperature: 225-255 C

Resistivity: ~20 Kohm/cm (for 1.75mm diameter)

The high carbon content of this filament makes the plastic semi-conductive, making it useful for static dissipation (ESD-safe items for electronics, or reduced dust accumulation via static electricity). The conductivity may also be sufficient to allow metal plating the printed object without having to apply an conductive activator first.

While it is not intended for making electronic circuits, it is possible to propagate electrical signals through circuit traces printed with this plastic.

Comes on 0.5 KG spools, vacuum packed with desiccant.


  • Recommended extruder temperature 225-255 C (varies by printer)
  • Recommended layer thickness 0.1 mm
  • Shrinkage when cooling to room temperature High
  • Recommended heated bed temperature (varies by printer) 90-110 C
  • Keep dry

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