colorFabb copperFill (PLA/PHA)

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Need to print counterfeit pennies*? copperFill is your answer.  copperFill is made with 80% copper powder suspended in colorFabb’s unique PLA/PHA blend.  It prints with an attractive reddish glow, and works on both non-heated and heated platforms.  When sanded and polished to a smooth finish, your object will shimmer and shine like real copper.

colorFabb recommends this product for experienced users, as this filament may adhere to teflon parts in the hot-end.


The copper filler used to produce the copperFill filament is abrasive and will lead to a much faster wear of printer components that come in contact with the filament (specifically, the extruder, the hot end, and the nozzle). We offer high-lubricity nozzle upgrades with a hard coating that last much longer than regular brass nozzles when printing abrasive filament.

* Please note: ToyBuilder Labs does not condone printing counterfeit pennies.

  • BrandcolorFabb
  • FillerCopper powder (80%)
  • Polymer namePolyHydroxyAlkanoate/PolyLacticAcid
  • Polymer made fromStarch derived from corn and other plant sources
  • Recommended extruder temperature190-220 C (Varies by printer)
  • Shrinkage when cooling to room temperatureLow
  • Recommended heated bed temperatureUnheated OK. 50-60C for best results.
  • Shrinkage when cooling to elevated ambient temperatureVery low
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