Fusion3 F306 Commercial Grade 3D Printer**

$ 3,975.00

Fusion3's F306 3D Printer is a workhorse machine that address the needs of commercial customers.  It has been crafted to provide high quality output even when printing at very high speeds.  Fusion3 designed the printer to provide customers with the best value in commercial-grade 3D printing.

** Fusion3 has introduced a new line of 3D printers, the F400 series and is phasing out the F306.  The standard F306 is no longer available, while the dual-extruder F306-D will be available until Fall of 2016 (the expected release date of the F400 Dual Extruder).

This printer combines a light-weight hot-end carriage to a rigid box frame combined with a stable gantry and motion system.  This allows the F306 to maintain its high quality output while printing at speeds 2 to 4 times faster than its competition.

F306 Key Features

Unmatched Output Quality

Rock-solid printing platform

Untouchable Print Speed

Print at speeds 2-4 times faster than the competition without a loss of print quality
Massive prints finish in hours, not days

    Massive Build Volume

    1.01 ft3 (306x306x306mm) (1748 cu in)
    Compact design still fits on your desk

      Unparalleled Reliability

      Engineered for maximum reliability & consistent performance
      Proprietary extruder system
      10,000+ hours of reliability testing

        Prints Most Thermoplastics

        All-metal print head can reach 300°C
        Powerful multi-zone heated bed keeps high-temperature materials stable
        PLA, ABS, Nylon, PC, PC-ABS, PET, HIPS, + many more

          Pre-Configured Software

          Powerful Simplify3D processing software, included with printer purchase
          Includes presets for common materials
          Full control of printing parameters via control panel

          Filament Monitoring Capable

          ToyBuilder Labs has installed and tested our Tunell Filament Monitor with the Fusion3 F306. When upgraded with the Tunell monitor, the F306 will pause the print job when a filament feeding problem occurs, giving you the opportunity to load new filament to continue the print job.

            Full Specifications

            Print technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
            Print volume: 306 x 306 x 306 mm (1748 in3)
            Max print speed: 250 mm/s
            Max travel speed: 550 mm/s
            Positioning resolution: 21 micron (horizontal plane)
            Minimum feature size: 0.45 mm2
            Vertical resolution: 100 - 300 micron
            Print head size: 0.4 mm
            Feature tolerances: ±0.003” per inch
            Print head: E3D all-metal actively cooled
            Filament size: 1.75 mm
            Exterior size: 606 x 645 x 560 mm
            Weight: 30 lb
            Max print head temperature: 300°C (572°F)
            Max bed temperature: 140°C (284°F)
            Electrical input: 110VAC 500W
            Connectivity: SD card, USB cable (both included with purchase)
            Processing software: Simplify3D Creator (included with purchase)
            Software compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux
            Warranty: 6 months materials & workmanship, provided by Fusion3


            Optional 1 year service plan extends warranty to 1 year from purchase, and adds an enhanced level of technical support from Fusion3.

            Additional customizations (such as a larger nozzle for faster printing of large pieces) may be available. Contact us for more details.

            Shipping and Availability

            Each printer is factory assembled after order.  Typical delivery is under 5 weeks.  
            To ensure safe delivery of your product, this printer will be shipped by LTL freight.  Exact shipping charges will be quoted after order.

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