Flexible and Elastic 3mm TPU 87A Filament, 450 g

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This TPU filament is a great choice for applications where the part must withstand repeated flexing, or go through moderate compression or tension.  The rubber-like quality makes it a great choice for making grips, pinch rollers, shock-absorbers, seals, and tires.

The inter-layer adhesion is terrific, with a smooth surface quality.

We recommend using a direct-drive extrude that constrains the path of the filament between the drive gear and the nozzle so that the filament cannot buckle.  As a starting point, use your printer's standard ABS settings, but reducing the print speed to 30 mm/sec.  Bowden-drive users may have some difficulties with this product.  

When loading this filament, we suggest using a slow loading speed.  In some cases, it may be easiest to start a 30mm/sec print job with the filament initially unloaded, and allow the job to slowly pull the filament into the hotend.  When the filament has fully loaded, stop and restart the print.

This product tends to exhibit strong adhesion during extrusion, which makes for strong parts, but it may stick very aggressively to the build plate, especially with a hot build plate.  We recommend printing on blue tape.

  • Specs

  • Full nameThemoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer
  • HardnessApproximately Shore 87A
  • Recommended extruder temperature230-250 C (Varies by printer)
  • Shrinkage when cooling to room temperatureLow
  • Recommended heated bed temperatureBelow 30 C
  • Diameter2.85 mm +/- 0.1 mm

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