GMASS High-Density Bismuth Filled ABS 1.75mm (2.7g/cc)

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Metal-like Weight and Feel

High-density Bismuth filled ABS (2.7g/cc)

GMASS™ is a specially-formulated high-density ABS filament for use in specialized 3D printing applications.

Developed by Turner MedTech, this patent pending ABS-based metal-filled filament offers the ability to rapidly prototype high-density components. By using high-density fillers, this product approaches the density of traditional metals, while still offering the design flexibility of ABS plastic.

According to Turner MedTech, the non-toxic fillers in GMASS make this an excellent choice for radiation shielding without the environmental impact of lead.  The high metallic content may help attenuate EMI emissions when making 3D printed enclosures and shields for electronic devices.

When sanded and polished smooth, a solid printed piece with GMASS has the weight and feel of metal parts, giving a truer experience to prototypes of designs that ultimately will be made in metal.  By closely approximating the density of aluminum, the 2.7g/cc GMASS allows you to test the weight and balance of aluminum designs directly with 3D printed prototypes.  This helps to eliminate additional steps of casting or machining tests parts in aluminum.

To provide enhanced flexibility in design and prototyping, this 2.7g/cc version of GMASS is available in three different colors.

For applications that require the highest density, we also carry the 4.0g/cc version of GMASS in dark grey.


Simulating aluminum parts

By way of example, ToyBuilder Labs printed out prototypes for two different aluminum extrusions that an architectural customer was evaluating prior to releasing the design to manufacturing.  The designs were printed in GMASS and in PLA, and their weights compared to the expected design weight of the finished part in Aluminum:

Product Part Volume Aluminum Extrusion GMASS print PLA print
"T" 33.5 cc 90 grams  86.9 grams 39.9 grams
"L" 51.5 cc 138 grams 134.5 grams 61.2 grams


As the data shows, the GMASS prints are very close to the target weight of the final product, making the prototypes suitable for evaluating the weight balance of the final product.


The metallic filler used to produce GMASS filament will lead to a much faster wear of the print nozzle (compared to standard non-filled plastics). To improve overall printing performance, Turner MedTech recommends the use of a larger nozzle diameter (0.6 to 0.7 mm).  We offer high-lubricity nozzle replacements that come in both 0.4mm diameter and 0.6mm diameter.

When using this product to simulate the mass of aluminum parts, you will need to print at 100% infill. Due to the extremely abrasive nature of this product and the prolonged contact with the nozzle, you will experience accelerated wearing of the nozzle, even when using our high-lubricity wear-resistant nozzles (they will, however, last much longer than standard brass nozzles).

We strongly recommend a careful calibration of your print settings when printing with GMASS to get the desired results and to maximize nozzle life-time.

For more specific details, including important usage information and warnings, please download and review the GMASS usage notes by Turner MedTech.

 GMASS usage notes (PDF) / GMASS application notes (PDF)

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