Successful printing with QU-BD One Up

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The FIRST logo, printed with starter coil of PLA from QU-BD (pink) which ran out (there were a bunch of unsuccessful prints...) mid-way through the print.  Finished off with Prototype Supply PLA from ToyBuilder Labs (powder blue).

Print time was 46 minutes, including taking a pause to switch out the filament.

There is some Z-wobble that is evident in this print.  Also, the X and Y axes were swapped (I had followed the naming convention in the source DXF files, instead of following the "obvious" X and Y axes), so the logo is rotated 90 degrees and inverted from what was sliced under Repetier Host.

Did you get/order a One Up or Two Up?  Drop me a line and I'll send you a discount for our filament. 

One Up Firmware EEPROM settings used.   PID values were updated from the original defaults, based on the results of the PID autotune command

  FIRST logo reprinted in the correct orientation. Prototype Supply PLA in red, white, and blue. Available on our website.  If you're a One Up or Two Up owner, hit the Contact us page and let us know.  We'll send you a discount on our filament!

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