Replicator Gen 5

February 1, 2014 - Comments - 0 comments

Some shots of the Gen 5 Replicator and Replicator Mini...

The Replicator (Gen 5) has Z-screws with two linear motion rods (they look ceramic coated).

TUV (C/US), CE, FCC, RCM (NZ/AS), WEEE.  All ready with the certs!

Ethernet, USB and power.

Magnetic latch front door, and a "go" push button.

USB Port

Simple on/off switch

Instead of Z rods, injection molded guide rail turns the gears (below)

Under the two light-colored semi-arches are gears which synchronizes the left and right sides of the platform as it rises and falls with the Z-screw

The same removable extruder design

H-bot design is clearly evident here.

Small spool of plastic.

0.5 lbs and 2 lbs spools of plastic.

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