Stratasys aims patent lawsuit at Afinia

November 25, 2013 - Comments - 0 comments

Behind Makerbot, one of the more successful and better funded players in the personal 3D printing market is Afinia, which is the same printer platform as the Up! printer, but sold by Microboards Technology, a company whose main cash cow was the DVD/CD-ROM duplicator, but has recently focused their future direction of the company on this emerging technology.  In many ways, Afinia (and Up!) printers are quite attractive for the education and personal market - the software is easy, and the slicer does a pretty good job out-of-the-box, including prints with rafts and support structures that make them relatively goof-proof for beginners.

Well, Makerbot's parent company Stratasys just fired a patent lawsuit at Afinia.  This may be the first shot of a ground battle among various 3D printer makers - with Stratasys/MBI and 3DSystems/Cube perched on the tactical high grounds...

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