3D Printed Gun Parts? Looks like printer upgrades to me!

October 25, 2013 - Comments - 0 comments

According to news sources, Manchester (UK) Police "could have uncovered what could be Britain's first 3D gun factory" (http://news.sky.com/story/1159349/police-find-first-3d-gun-printing-factory)

The two pictures below show the alleged gun parts - a magazine and a trigger.  The only problem?  The "magazine" looks like a Makerbot spool holder (like thisthisthis, or this - there are a bunch more) and the "trigger" looks like the tension arm for the extruder upgrade (like thisthis, or this official one from Makerbot and their blog post with a perfectly matching part).

In fact, the printer that is sitting less than a meter from me as I type this have similar parts installed on it -- and has been for many months.

Now, criminals are clever at hiding contraband in ordinary everyday things - but it seems like an unlikely situation in this case. 

You can read more at the Greater Manchester Police website.

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